Project to reduce the environmental, health and social risks of artisanal gold mining (2).

Country:  Burkina Faso, Province of Ganzourgou (Communes of Zorgho, Méguet and Boudri)

Program:  CRAFT

Donor:  CIEDEL – International Center of Studies for Local Development

Partner: Eau Vive International



Extension phase:

Period : Initially planned from January 2020 to April 2020.

               (04 months)

Overall objective:

Preparation for the implementation of a “clean gold” sector that complies with social, environmental, institutional and economic standards.




Specific objectives:

  • Identification of opportunities for responsible value chains and implementation of an action plan for the realization of a pilot chain;

  • Development of additional tests protocol to better characterize the ore processing performance.

Main results:

  •  A technical protocol and a budget have been defined for the continuation of technical experiments on the gravimetric production chain allowing the elimination of the environmental and public health risks related to the use of products prohibited by the Burkina legislation, mainly mercury;

  • The three groups of artisanal miners of Zorgho, Méguet and Boudri have developed an improvement plan based on the CRAFT code;

  • Midstream and downstream supply chain actors for the implementation of a “clean gold” supply chain have been identified.

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