Adapting the CRAFT Code to the Artisanal Mica Sector in Madagascar


Project duration: 

May 2023 – January 2024




Responsible Mica Initiative

Photo: Responsible Mica Initiative

Project summary:

In Madagascar, the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI) launched a pilot program in February 2023 across five comprehensive mica supply chains spanning from mining sites to end-user brands. This pilot includes collaborative efforts between RMI and the Alliance for Responsible Mining to tailor the CRAFT Code to suit the artisanal mica sector.

In parallel, ARM will address the training and capacity-building needs of RMI and local stakeholders by designing and implementing specialized training modules related to the implementation of the CRAFT Code.


  1. Tailor the CRAFT Code to align with the legitimate artisanal mica sector in Madagascar, as recognized by local communities and stakeholders.
  2. Train the RMI team and local stakeholders in the use of tools, methodologies, and concepts addressed by the CRAFT Code.
  3. Pilot and adapt the tailored CRAFT Code based on insights drawn from selected mining sites.
  4. Validate the implementation process at mining sites.

Project recipients:

 Responsible Mica Initiative

Main expected outcomes:

  1. Adaptation of the CRAFT Code to the artisanal mica sector in Madagascar.
  2. Recognition and acceptance of the tailored CRAFT Code by mining communities and stakeholders along the supply chain.
  3. Enhanced capabilities of the RMI team and trained local stakeholders in effectively using tools, methodologies, and concepts outlined in the CRAFT Code.
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