How the CRAFT was developed?

During a full year of development work by the CRAFT Comittee and the Advisory Group, there was a public consultation version of CRAFT ready to be consulted with all the actors of the supply chain, experts and other interested parties. Following the ISEAL recommendations for standard development, the public consultation was open for 60 days, from February 26 to April 26, 2018. After the consultation, comments were added and aproved by the governance actors. 


More information about the CRAFT Comittee and the Advisory Group. 

Comitted to transparency 

Advisory Group meetings minutes: 1st (ENG); 2d (ENG); 3d (ENG); 4th (ENG); 5th (ENG); 6th (ENG); 7th -july- (ENG)

Commitee meetings minutes: 1st (SP / ENG / FR); 2d (SP ENG FR); 3d (SP / ENG / FR); 4th (SP / ENG): 5th (SP / ENG / FR)

                           Comittee meeting presentations: 1st (SP / ENG / FR); 2d (SP / ENG / FR); 3d (SP / ENG / FR);  4th (SP / ENG / FR

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