Through the fundraising campaign “Generosity connects us”, the Alliance for Responsible Mining collected 4.810 EUROS / 21.550.000 COP / 5.750 USD and used them for the distribution of food baskets for artisanal men and women miners from Colombia (in the municipalities of Antioquia, Boyacá and Cauca), and Peru (District of Ananea).

In Colombia, the baskets had some of the basic and essential products such as rice, sugar, oil, sugar cane flour, legumes, tuna, and bread. In Peru, each family was given a coupon to redeem groceries in a supermarket close around.

Thanks to the donations from approximately 50 people, 184 artisanal women and their families received this support at a complex time due to the worldwide pandemic that has affected the livelihood of these mining families.

Thank you very much for being part of this campaign!
Once again we are convinced that generosity connects us.

We want to thank the donors: Italpreziosi Spa Ivana Ciabatti, Paulette a Bicyclette, Wing Yau, Petra Hoch-Dosch, Asunción Bremer, Saskia Shutt, Florian Harkort, Marike Hauser, Christian Brunel, Majoral, Anne Ducarouge, MATTER & MORE Therese Mørch, Dana Bronfman, Loren Teetelli, Lauren Davidson, Susan Crow, Rachel Mowat Smith, Bobbie Hutchinson, Doris Tomas, Sol Gaitan, Laurene De Carville, Margarita Meza, Mauricio Cabrera, Eleonora Guerra, and every other person who, anonymously, made a donation and contribution.


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