• Does ARM provide paid internships?

No, all internships and volunteer positions are unpaid.

  • Does ARM cover any expenses related to my stay?

No, all travel, insurance and living expenses are paid by the volunteer. We will however arrange and pay for your taxi ride from the airport in Medellin to your new house, if your trip is not arranged by an external agency.

  • How do I find a place to live during my stay?

Many volunteers find a place through If your stay is arranged by an agency or organization, they will find a place for you either with a Colombian family or with other volunteers or students.

  • For how long can I volunteer,and how are the working hours?

Volunteers usually stay for two months or more and work around 35 hours a week.  We are flexible in regards to your schedule, so you can adopt it to other activities you want to do while you are here. We only ask that you agree on a plan with the person you will be working with, and that you do your work here within our office hours 8am-5pm. 

We do not have any upper limit as to how long you can stay with us. We usually do not receive volunteers for a shorter period than 2 months, as it takes time to prepare your work, and you also need time to get to know our organization. It is our experience that both you and ARM get the most out of your stay if you volunteer for at least two months. 

  • Can I take Spanish lessons while working in ARM?

Yes. In Medellin there are various options for studying Spanish. Among them is finding a private tutor, taking lessons at the Black Sheep Hostel or at the Language center at Eafit University.

  • Is Colombia safe?

The places you are likely to go are safe enough as long as you use good common sense. Colombia is shaking its bad reputation and is rapidly growing as a tourist destination. In Medellin and Envigado (where our office is located) you will be fine, as long as you take a few precautions such as not walking alone late at night, not flashing your valuables such as your camera and cellphone, and not carry around too much money.  There are still some areas of the country you will want to avoid. Before leaving the city you should check the safety situation. Big parts of the Amazon for example are a no-go due to guerilla activity. 

  • Are there other ways to volunteer in ARM besides working in your office in Colombia?

Yes, sometimes we have people working from afar or on one of our field projects. The options depend on the work needed and your qualifications. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view find out if it is an option for you.

Do you have more questions? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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