Environmental Issues & Mercury


Introducing New Technologies for Abatement of Global Mercury Pollution in Latin America:

Report on ASM activities in Latin America and solutions to reduce mercury emissions and amend highly polluted sites. UNIDO, UBC, CETEM 1997


World Emissions of Mercury from Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining:

An estimate on global mercury releases from ASGM based on available data about mercury and gold exports and imports bycountry and from field reports from the countries known to have active ASGM communities (2009).


UNEP and Global Mercury Project Report 2008:

Summary of the results of the awareness campaign and technology demonstration for artisanal gold miners: Brazil, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Sudan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe (2008)


Contaminated identities: Mercury and marginalization in Ghana’s artisanal mining sector:

This article provides a counter-narrative to the dominant discourse of marginalization and criminalization of Ghana’s illegal gold miners(galamsey) by focusing on the contested mercury debate (2007).


Dimensions of environmental justice in anti-gold mining movementsin Latin America:

The present article examines two Latin American gold mining conflicts, one in the city of Esquel (Patagoniain Argentina) and the other in Pascua–Lama (Chile). We identify the emergence of three dimensions of environmental justice (distribution, recognition, participation) in the antimining movements of these two cases (2011).


Manual for Training Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Miners:

Removal of Barriers to Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Gold Mining andExtraction Technologies. UNIDO Global Mercury Project 2006


Where Artisanal mines and forest meet: Socio-economic and environmental impacts in the Congo Basin:

This paper captures the socio-economic and environmental impacts of small-scale mining in the TNS, Congo. 2011


Breaking New Ground - Chapter 10: Mining, Minerals, and the Environment

This chapter covers seven principal areas of discussionwhere the impacts are serious and long-term and thusmost likely to be considered impairment of the naturalcapital base: large-volume waste, mine closure planning, mining legacies, environmental management, energy use in the minerals sector, managing metals in the environment, and threats to biological diversity (IIED MMSD 2002).


Women, Mercury and Artisanal Gold Mining: Risk Communication and Mitigation.

More than 30% of world’s 13 million artisanal miners are women and the majority of women work in the processing aspect of artisanal mining, including amalgamation with Hg (2003).


ARM Position on Mercury

ARM actively promotes mercury-free artisanal mining as the best available technology. Within the context of a fairtrade approach it is considered “fair” to compensate artisanal miners for lower gold recovery through an additional fairtrade ecological premium for mercury-free gold production”


Environmental Impact of Small-scale and Artisanal Gold Mining in Southern Ecuador:

Implications for the Setting of Environmental Standards and for the Management of Small-Scale Mining Operations. 2000


OPENING PANDORA’S BOX: The New Wave of Land Grabbing by the Extractive Industries and the Devastating Impact on Earth:

Report on Land Grabbing, energy and the impact of mining (2012).


UNIDO’s Strategy for Reducing the Impact of Artisanal Gold Mining on the Health and the Environment. Study case in Ghana:


Developing a National Strategic Plan to Reduce Mercury Use in Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining:

This guidance document is intended as guidance for Governments in the development of a national strategic plan relating to improving practices and working conditions in artisanal and small-scale gold mining and reducing its impact on the global environment. Version 2.0: 11 July 2011.


Policy challenges on mercury use in Ghana’sartisanal and small-scale mining sector:

Mercury use in Ghana’s ASM sector is a growing problem owing to the increasing numbers of people involved, locations of operation, extent of possible contamination of the natural environment and its impact on human health. (2010)


A PRACTICAL GUIDE. Reducing mercury use in artisanal and small-scale mining:

This UNEP Global Mercury Partnership document is produced in conjunction with the Artisanal Gold Council and with assistance from UNIDO, University of Victoria, and the International Union of Geosciences Commission on geosciences for Environmental Management (IUGS-GEM); 2012. The primary authors of this document are Kevin Telmer and Daniel Stapper of the Artisanal Gold Council (AGC).




Nuestra Visión

Nuestra visión es la de transformar a la MAPE en una actividad formalizada, organizada y rentable que utilice tecnologías eficientes y sea social y ambientalmente responsable; que de modo creciente se desarrolle bajo un marco de buen gobierno, legalidad, participación y respeto a la diversidad;
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