People who participate in our programs

Individual miners

Characteristics: subsistence miners living in vulnerable conditions, primarily female, some of them belonging to ethnic groups and/or living in conflict regions. Their mining activity often can be characterized by low production levels, disadvantageous economic conditions and precarious health conditions.

“Barequeros/as” (Colombia) or “Bateadoras” (Peru): They wash sands using manual tools to separate and collect the gold.

“Chatarreras” (Colombia) or “Pallaqueras” (Peru): They recollect and manually process minerals disposed of by artisanal and small-scale mines which may contain small quantities of precious metals.


  1. Association and organizational strenghtening
  2. Formalization
  3. Progressive improvement of mining practices
  4. Improved living conditions

Artisanal and small-scale  mining organizations

Characteristics: Formalized or Fairmined certified organizations, as well as organizations working towards formalization or certification


  1. Feasible and responsible businesses
  2. Improvement of economic, social and environmental practices
  3. Achieve or maintain Fairmined Certification
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