Fairmined Mining Certification


Fairmined Certification is assurance that an artisanal and small-scale mining organization (ASMO) complies with the requirements of the Fairmined Standard developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining.

Fairmined Certification creates opportunities for miners and gives the ASMO incentives to become an economically, technologically and environmentally viable economic enterprise in a responsible manner. It facilitates access to fair markets and grants them premium to promote the development, which benefit mining communities and improve the sector's governance.

There are two types of certification: Fairmined Certification and Fairmined Ecological Certification.

Although the same process must be followed for both types of certification, metal production criteria for ecological metals are more demanding; however, it also grants an Ecological Premium in addition to the Fairmined Premium.

Although the duration of the Fairmined Certification process depends on the particular characteristics of each ASMO, there are fixed deadlines for each stage of the process. We invite you to visit the Process and timelines of the Fairmined Certification.

International and independent inspectors recognized by the Alliance for Responsible Mining audit and assurance the compliance with the Standard's requirements.

Who is eligible for Fairmined Certification?

Fairmined Certification applies solely to artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMO), as defined by requirement 0.2 - "Artisanal and Small-scale" Scope - of the Fairmined Standard.

The Fairmined Standard is for gold, silver and platinum from artisanal and small-scale mining. The ASMO is certified under the Fairmined Standard's requirements or the advanced requirements for ecological metals under the same Standard.

The geographic scope of producing countries includes low and medium income countries qualifying for Official Development Assistance (ODA) inLatin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Oceania:  Visit website

Official Development Assistance (2005)
Source: OECD

What are the requirements needed to become Fairmined certified?

Before applying for Certification, your organization must have a legal title that enables it to work in your mining area and it must comply with the entry-level requirements of the Fairmined Standard.

Entry-level requirements must be fulfilled in order to qualify for certification and are based on a series of organizational, work-related, environmental and traceability criteria.

Once certified, the ASMO must continue the formalization process and comply with international conventions and standards regarding work-related and environmental issues by complying with the progress requirements of following years.

To assess your organization's conditions against the Standard, we invite you to go through the Fairmined checklist.

What are the benefits of Fairmined Certification?

Artisanal and small-scale mining organizations certified by the Fairmined Standard get the following benefits:






Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the ASM in a formalized, organized and profitable activity that uses efficient technologies and is socially and environmentally responsible; that it progressively develops within a framework of good governance, legality, participation and respect for diversity;
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