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Cumbre del Sajama is a private company with social vision, it provides services to mining companies, small mining, mining cooperatives, mining communities, local organizations and institutions of the public sector; it is set up by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, experts in the technical, social, economic, legal and environmental issues in mining.
Cumbre del Sajama´s mission is to promote the development of mining activities incorporating the social responsibility application at all phases of mining and in all the productive sectors (private, cooperative and state).



Based in the department of Nariño, ASOMIRCOL (Association for Responsible Mining and Fair Trade in Southwest Colombia) was created as a collective effort to support responsible ASM practices and community development. Their mission is to formalize and strengthen ASM in the region by investing in business skills, development projects, clean technology and reaching responsible markets through the Fairmined certification. The association is committed to environmental and social preservation, and strives to achieve its mission through democratic organization and capacity building.