Our Impact

In the past 4 years, ARM has participated in initiatives to recognize, formalize, and improve mining practices, benefiting more than 150 mining organizations in 15 countries across Latin America and Africa.

By 2017, ARM interventions have impacted over 42,000 beneficiaries: 12,400 directly and 30,500 indirectly.




Thanks to the strategies implemented by ARM and the miners’ commitment to adopt improved practices, the intervened mining organizations are able to:

Increase their legitimacy by formalizing their operations

  • Guaranteeing an ethical processof gold extraction
  • Encouraging and supporting ASMO’s technification
  • Promoting safe and responsible practices

Improve their performance and management in topics such as:

  • Production traceability
  • Profitability projections and business planning
  • Participation of miners in decision making

Promote better working conditions for their employees and partners by:

  • affiliating their workers to social security
  •  complying with written contracts
  •  using personal protective equipment
  •  forming Workplace Health, Safety, and Hygiene Committees

Ensure a better environment for their community through:

  • Reduction in use and responsible management of toxic substances, particularly mercury, in accordance with the Minamata Convention
  • Initiatives for better water management
  •  Environmental remediation of sites

Offer better opportunities for women miners and children by:

  • Providing technical support to women
  • Integrating vulnerable groups through inclusive policies
  • Determining strategies to eradicate child labor, in accordance with ILO Conventions

Access improved opportunities to market their gold, through the Fairmined Certification

  • Opening doors towards international markets
  • Delivering a Premium of up to 4.000 USD per kilo of Fairmined Gold sold, set aside for the improvement of the ASMO
  • Providing tools and acompaniment for the sale of gold at fair prices

“The program has benefitted everyone, from the partners to the strengthened organizations. A major achievement was becoming able to export, and the first export was to sell our gold as Fairmined. It was difficult because we did not know how to export, but we learned how and now we don’t have any issues exporting. Another thing was that two years ago we did not have an office. Through the premium obtained from Fairmined certified sales, we have bought an office and equipped it with computers. This gives us a base for future work on strengthening the organization and its members, the partners, and workers, because all companies need to have organizational capacity in order to function.”

Luis Alfredo González

Legal Representative of the Iquira Cooperative in Huila, Colombia, which has been certified since August 2014.

Artisanal and small-scale mining organizations obtained the Fairmined Certification





Perfiles y estudios de caso de organizaciones mineras














of Fairmined Gold

in Fairmined Premium

Since 2014, these organizations have sold more than 693 kg of Fairmined Gold at a fair price, receiving USD $2,530,000 in Fairmined Premium intended for their sustainable development.


  • $ 349.000


  • $ 275.000


  • $ 575.000


  • $ 435.000


  • $ 460.000

Thanks to this premium, certified mining organizations have been able to increase their production levels, and, most importantly, improve conditions for their workers and the community.

To learn how the mining organizations invested their Fairmined Premium, read our annual and impact reports.

Starting from just a handful of pioneering licensees in 2013, the Fairmined initiative has expanded to currently include over 165 licensees (among them jewelers, refiners, and manufacturers) working with Fairmined certified gold in 22 countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.



“The DOEN Foundation supported the first steps of ARM, already in 2006, in developing the trade standard for mining. Support also enabled ARM to develop a network and a market of designers and brands willing to embrace the idea. Indeed, ARM was able to develop a network spanning the globe and to generate deep insights in the ASM mining industries, and beyond. Most importantly, ARM also developed and tested all their standards with those that matter the most: the ASM communities benefiting from the certified metals. With their commitment to develop the standard for ethically traded metals mined in an environmentally friendly way, and given the size of the global ASM sector in general, the potential impact of ARM is enormous”.

Manon Klein, Program Manager of the DOEN Foundation.


The first 100% national Fairmined gold supply chains were established in 2016 in Peru and Colombia, covering the whole process from production to marketing, casting, and transformation into jewelry.

International awards produced with Fairmined Gold:

Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, since 2014

Nobel Peace Prize Medal, since 2015

Laurel wreath for Olympic Games at Rio in 2016

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