Terms of reference

ARM´s Stakeholder Alliance is stakeholder body comprised of members from different parts of the supply chain and support organizations acting as a point of reference and ensuring multiple stakeholder participation, liaison and representation.

Members of ARM´s stakeholder alliance are individuals or organizations from any part of the supply chain committed to ARM’s mission, values and objectives and interested in being engaged with ARM’s strategies, processes and standards. Members of the stakeholder alliance are committed to the improvement of the quality of life of ASM producers and their communities, the protection of their environments and believe in the usefulness of the development and implementation of fair trade criteria and standards applicable to ASM products.

Participating in the Stakeholder Alliance
Interested parties shall present an application explaining why they want to be part of
ARM´s Stakeholder Alliance, provide a letter of recommendation, ideally from an already existing member, and sign a commitment of support to ARM’s mission and principles. ARM´s Board of Directors will evaluate the application and respond in writing with a final decision.

Key Functions of the Stakeholder Alliance

1. To provide high level strategic and policy related advice to the ARM Board of directors on its Strategic Plan and therefore the strategic priorities of the organization.

2. To provide advice and views on issues which may affect the ability of ARM to implement its program and achieve its strategic goals; 

3. To provide views, advice, recommendations and opinions to the ARM Technical

Committee on ARM´s standards for Responsible Mining including:

  • Applicability of the standard to specific context
  • Interpretations of the standard
  • Changes to the wording of the Principles and Criteria;

4. To nominate members to the board of directors, the technical committee and other relevant bodies.

Members of the Stakeholder Alliance can participate in ARM events all over the world, tap into a network of experts and organizations, and be featured on the ARM website. Members will have the right to inform their constituencies publicly that they are a member. In exchange, ARM expects their support to ARM with donations or advice for its different activities or with pro bono collaboration. ARM will maintain its bottom up approach as a core organizational value and continue to implement diverse strategies to include different stakeholders, through multi-stakeholder meetings, workshops at mining sites, facilitation of miners’ participation in international fora, support for the creation of regional and national organizations of artisanal miners and working together with networks of support organizations and ethical traders.





Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the ASM in a formalized, organized and profitable activity that uses efficient technologies and is socially and environmentally responsible; that it progressively develops within a framework of good governance, legality, participation and respect for diversity;
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